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Arizona Man Injured in Apartment Fire

Arizona firefighters rescued a man in Mesa, Arizona this morning after a neighbor reported seeing smoke coming out from around his apartment door. The man was found passed out on the floor and was rushed to the hospital. He is facing injuries from smoke inhalation and burns. Luckily, the fire did not spread to other units and the apartment's sole inhabitant appears to have survived the incident.

As of this afternoon, there is has been no determination as to what caused the fire. If the cause is found to be faulty wiring or an appliance malfunction, the tenant should seek the aid of an Apartment Injury Lawyer. When an apartment complex fails to keep conditions safe for tenants and guests, they can be held responsible for the injuries that result. If you are hurt in a fire due to broken smoke detectors, lack of emergency exits or a broken sprinkler system in an Atlanta apartment complex, call the Atlanta apartment accident attorneys at The Berry Law Group today.

You have a right to a safe environment and your landlord must do everything possible to make sure it stays safe. This means that wiring should be up to code and apartments should be equipped with good working smoke detectors and a sprinkler systems. If you complain about a malfunctioning appliance or dangerous situation in your apartment and the landlord does not address it, an Atlanta apartment lawyer can help you get compensation if that appliance causes any injury.

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