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When you are injured in an apartment accident, it is important that you know you can get help. The Berry Law Group is here to help people just like you who have suffered injury due to the poor judgment of apartment management staff. Apartment complexes have an obligation to maintain certain standards for their tenants and guests. If they fail and it results in serious injury, they can be held liable for medical bills and other injury-related expenses.

If you or a family member have been hurt in an accident at an apartment complex in Georgia, call The Berry Law Group right away. There is important information that you need to know about GA apartment law. While there are many ways that apartment complexes can fail and injury can result, some of the most common types of apartment injuries include:

If you have been hurt in any of these situations or any other similar incident at an apartment complex in Atlanta, GA, you should speak to an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. An injury lawyer from The Berry Law Group can help you get your life back on track by getting you money for your injuries and getting you the justice you deserve. Our attorneys are caring and will listen to your case and advise you how we can help. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with hiring a lawyer, but we are here to make it as easy as possible.

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